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Shrine of Saladin

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The Muslim Leader Saladin's Shrine

Saladin is one of the greatest leaders that ruled Damascus during history, The great Saladin (Salah al Din), a Kurd, was one NureddinÂ’s generals (the ruler of Egypt and Syria). He had been sent as an emissary to the court of Fatimids in Egypt, but ended up taking over that country himself and then, on NureddinÂ’s death in 1174, he defeated all heirs and claimants and took hold of Syria as well.

When in Damascus, Sladdin lived in the Citadel, as Nureddin did, but he was rarely there because his endless campaigns against Crusaders; 1187 he had his finest hour, when he drove them out of Jerusalem. He returned to Damascus in 1192 after yet another campaign, this time against Richard the Lion-Heart, but he died the following year, aged fifty-five.

It was said that despite all his years of battle and conquest, Saladin's personal fortune was one Dinar and thirty-six Dirham.

Saladin was buried in the tomb on the north side of the Omayyad Mosque. there are two sarcophagi near the mausoleum; the one carved in the wood is the original, the other, an ornate marble, is commonly said it was presented by the German Kaiser Wilhlem The Second on his visit to Damascus in 1898.

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