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 Home > Damascene Monuments > The Gates of Damascus

The Eastern Gate (Bab Sharki)

It was named according to its location in the east side   of the city, it has three carved arcs. The Muslim Warrior "Khaled Ben al-Waleed" entered Damascus through this gate in the Rashedi Era.

Peace Gate (Bab Al-Salam)

Thomas Gate (Bab Tooma)

It is locacted in the north of Damascus. It was named after a famous Old Roman Leader, his name is Thomas.

The Paradise Gate (Bab Al-Faradees / Bab Al-Amara)

One of the northern gates; it was named the paradise gate in the Roman age because there were plenty of water and gardens which used to surround the gate. The other name , Bab Al Amara, refers to a name of a famous building where people used to meet in the 14th century.

The Small Gate (Bab Al-Sgheer)

It is located in the southern side of the city. It had this name because it was the smallest gate. A graveyard was erected near this gate; it holds some graves of Companions of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and some Umayyad caliphs.

Al-Faraj Gate (Al-Manakhliah)

It is situated in the northern side of the city. It consists of a geminate gate which had two functions; the first was economic and the second was to mislead the enemies attacking the city.

Al-Jabieh Gate

It is situated in the west of the city along the same line of the eastern gate, and they both have a similar design. It has this name because residents of the Jabieh village used to pass through this gate.

The Victory Gate (Bab Al-Nasr)

It is at the beginning of souk Al-Hamideya, and was destroyed in the Ottoman Era.



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