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          Delicious Traditional Dishes of Damascus

 Click on a picture to Enlarge it   


 Falafel: The Most famous Meal in Damascus.. it is fried..

 A table of delicious dishes like:   Tabbouleh, Falafel, Hummus, and Burak.

 Bitter Coffee: A famous Hot Drink that's served after lunch.

 Shawerma: One of the best meals in Damascus, it can be either Chicken or mutton meat. 

 Stuffed zucchini (Kousa  Mihshi): a home-made dish, zucchini is carved and stuffed with rice and chopped meat and cooked with tomato sauce.

 Meat with Egg (Znood Al-Banat): a delicious nourishing dish, it is also home-made and quite difficult to cook.