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Churches in the old city

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Damascus' Cathedral:

The cathedral was at first a temple for Ramon the god of Aramaens, built in the 20th century B.C. With every conqueror, a new religion came into the cathedral. It was saint Hanania Church, a Roman Catholic church, then a mosque during the government of Al-Walid Ben Abed Al-Malek, and at last it was turned into a church again.

Virgin Mary's Cathedral:

It was built in the 2nd century A.C. It is considered the oldest church in Damascus. Perhaps the old church had been wrecked and a newer one built on its place.

Saint Hanania's house:

This sanctuary consists of an underground room with many ladders linked to it.

Bab-Kissan's church:

One of Damascus eastern wall's doors. the French built a church there in 1934.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Zaitoon (Olive) Alley:

A marvelous Cathedral wich contains masterpieces of arts and beautiful icons and carvings.

The Damascene Saint Johan church:

This beautiful church is located next to virgin mary's church. It also contains many artistic icons and pictures of Syria and Roman art.

Saint Paul's Laura:

It was built on a level land, about 18km far from damascus.

Saint Georgeus's sanctuary:

This sanctuary is located across Bab-kisan. The sanctuary is surrounded by graves of early Christians. The Roman Othodox's graveyard is located there now.

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