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Shrine of Bilal AlHabashi

 Home > Damascus and Religions > Damascus and Islam > Historical Shrines > Shrine of Bilal AlHabashi

Bilal AlHabashi

Bilal AlHabashi is well known in the Islamic world, he was the first to call to prayers in Islam. Most Muslims and historians recogznie him, but most Damascene do not know that there city shelters his tomb.

In Bab Al Sagheer graveyard, the tombs of Bilal and Abdullah (the son of Ja'far, Muslim prophet Mommmad's cousin) are together under a small dome.

The shrine receives many vistors, mainly from Pakistan, India, and Iran, mostly for religious reasons. It is not uncommon for passers by to take a look at the shrines.

The tomb of Bilal is noticeably bigger than Abdullah's, both are covered with green; the typical color to cover a tomb of an Islamic leader or religious symbol.

Inside the shrine, there are many manuscripts talking about their lifes of the two important figures, as well as quotations with some Quranic chapters. Hanging from the inner top of the Dome's ceiling, a very beautiful Islamic painting of Surat Al Ikhlass.

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