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Christian Monuments in Old Damascus

 Home > Damascus and Religions > Damascus and Christianity > Damascus' early role in Christianity

Syria played an important role in the early period of Christianity and its spread in Europe. The important role of Damascus comes with St. Hanania of Damascus and his role in saving the Apostle Paul.

Hanania was one of the followers of Christ and one of the first of the 72 pupils mentioned by St. Luke. It was Hanania who wiped the eyes of Shawul of tarsus and rescued the apostle Paul from a Jewish attempt on his life for his preaching Christianity. St Paul hid in one of the houses of Damascus possibly even the house of Hanania himself.

He reached the Kissan gate by means of a tunnel and there, his friends helped him to escape by lowering him from the top of the wall in a basket. The house adjacent to the gate was converted into the church of St Paul. It was St Paul who later took the Christian religion to Europe And he was also the first to set down the Gospels in Latin. By means of him, Christianity spread to all parts of Europe.

The Painting on the right illustate the story mentioned above about St. Paul's escaping from Jews who were attempting to murder him.

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