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Public Anceint Schools

 Home > Damascene Monuments > Old Damascene Schools > Al-Adiliyah School

Located in Bab Al-Bareed (the Mail gate), right across Al-Zahiriyah School. It was constructed in The Ayoubi Age in 1215 A.D. by King Sayf Eddeen, the sibling of Saladin.

When King Saif Eddeen died, he was buried in this School. His Son, King Mouzaffar had completed building what his  father started by the year 1221 A.D.

The Adiliyah School is considered as a typical pattern of the Ayoubi  architectural that was distinguished by its long  buildings and its perfect execution of architectural materials.

In 1919 A.D, the National Museum was assembled inside this school, while the Arabic Athenaeum, which was established by  Muhammad Kurd Ali after World War I used to gather in its library. This Athenaeum is known currently as the Arabic Language Academy


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